Best Wedding Bands and DJs for your special day

One thing that everyone remembers in their wedding is that what was the music on which they danced the whole night.

Not only is a good wedding decoration place needed for a wedding but several other things are also needed which include wedding clothes, wedding rings etc.

Photographed by Thiago Bellini

Photographed by Thiago Bellini

One of the most important things that we need for a wedding is best wedding band so that they can play a lovely music on that big day and please everyone’s ears.

Let us now have a look at what are the best wedding bands that will make your wedding a memorable one.

  1. Party on the Moon

Party on the moon is an Atlanta based music group. The unique feature that separates them from the other bands is their nonstop performances.

In Mexico, they provided entertainment at Eli Manning’s wedding. They have a wide variety of songs in their chart-topping lists including Pharrell, Happy and Royals.

You can also make a custom request of a song to be played until the whole night. They’ll learn it and play it for the whole night in their repertoire.

  1. DJ Lindsey

This is also a popular DJ real-life couple – Myles and Lindsey Tipley. Lindsey has worked with Afrika, played at several private events that were hosted by Prince.

dj lindsey

DJ Lindsey songs are very popular that includes PS1 Warmup Parties, Boom Boom Boom etc.

  1. Veronica Martell

veronica martell

Veronica Martell is a 12 people band that has a speciality in Motown. They have also performed at Princess Charlene of Monaco, HRH Prince Albert etc.

  1. Japancakes

This is a huge name in the fashion industry. They have played for Topshop, Rag and Bone parties etc.

He also has a website which contains lots of diversified music that includes breezy tropical tunes so that the couple of the 70s can hit the beachside wedding.

  1. Rubix Kube

They are a six-person group which specializes in several music hits by Talking Heads, Blondie, the Police etc.

  1. Mixtape: A Cover Band For Hipsters

This is quite a self-explanatory music band. They give hits that range from indie hits like the Smiths, Arcade Fire, Joy Division.


  1. Dewdrop Society

They are also a fit for party gang and are going to give your guests one of the best wedding music experience.

  1. DJ Cassidy

DJ Cassidy is quite famous and gives music at lots of celebrity’s parties and all including Jay Z, Beyoncé’s, and not to forget the President Obama fiftieth bash too.

You can see him in collaboration with Chromeo, John Legend, Passion Pit. But DJ Cassidy might be expensive to you.


Best Wedding Decoration across the world in 2017

In this article, we are going to discuss the Best Wedding Decorations around the world in the year 2017 where you can go to celebrate this big and awesome day with joy.

Let us now see the best wedding decorations in the world:-

  1. Aruba –

The Aruba island is located in the south of the hurricane belt and there’s no danger of tropical storms threatening your wedding day. Aruba stands out as the sixth most visited island for a reason.



Aruba contains sugar strands, a great nightlife because there are tons of casinos etc.

There is a place in Aruba called the city hall where their legal ceremonies of the wedding are going to take place.

A point that you need to note here is that…

These legal ceremonies take place only on selected days of the week which includes Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

After the legal ceremony, you can hold the symbolic function at any place you like.

2.    Belize –

This island is a perfect place for any couple on the planet. There are tons and tons of features present at the belize island which includes a great barrier reed, untamed jaguar territory, 100 offshore islands and much more.

Clearly enough this island fulfils the need of almost any couple present.

You can also visit the Cayo region in order to look at the country’s forest reserve.

At the ambergris cave, there is also a barefoot sandwalk which gives kind of pleasant experience to your foot.


But here there is a condition which you should check carefully before applying for marriage here. A period of three days you have to maintain here before applying for a marriage license.

Apart from this condition you also need to show the passport copies, 105 dollar fee etc.

Florida –

Florida has Miami and Orlando which makes it fall under the top 10 domestic spots that one needs to check in on Facebook.

You can dig your toes into the sugar sands of Siesta Key or do anything else there too.

Here the procedure to get married is very easy. You just need to arrive three days before you are getting married and pay a fee. That’s’ it.

  1. Hawaii –

After Florida this is one of the biggest islands when we talk about wedding ceremonies thing. This is a five-hour flight from Los Angeles.


Hawaii includes tons of awesome features to its wedding couples which includes lava-peeping, stargazing, hiking, restaurant hooping etc.

But here one thing that you need to note is to bring valid ids for getting married.

After you are validly identified, your way to marriage is clear enough and you don’t have to wait then.


4.    The Islands of Tahiti –

This is also one of the greatest islands when we talk about the wedding couples.


Here also there are lots of awesome features favouring the wedding couples that include a glass-bottomed chapel in Bora Bora, a caramaran charter, Tahitian touches, flower garlands, local musicians and much more.


Aaaaaand Goodbye, San Francisco!

So this is it everybody! This is the big news. Violet and I have moved to Michigan. We are now Michiganians.

Or, maybe it’s Michiganites… or Michiganders. I’m not really sure, but this is where we live now. Violet got a great offer from one of the universities up here and she just had to take it. So, being the supportive fiancé that I am, I packed my bags and here we are!

First thoughts: Michigan is cold. Like, really cold. The thermometer says it’s 14 degrees outside. I wore four sweaters today. And I was inside the whole time. I’ve always looked for a good reason to grow a beard and I finally think I found one!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve gotta go help Violet unpack some more. Stay tuned!

Wedding Tradition Origins

(thanks again to Tom for making me a picture)

It seems that people used to be much more concerned about “evil spirits” than they are today. I say this because after I wrote my last post about wedding superstitions, I started to do a little research about the origins of wedding traditions, and pretty much all of them have to do with evil spirits in one way or another. For example, the wedding veil was originally used to disguise the bride from any malevolent forces. If that wasn’t enough however, the origin of the bridesmaid was to the same end. The bridesmaid was to dress similarly enough to the bride to work as a decoy for any ill wishing ghouls. The wedding bouquet, also, was meant as a ghost repellent. However, the original bouquets were made of strong smelling herbs and garlic, so I’m pretty sure that kept most things away (evil spirit or otherwise).


Subject Line Needed


Violet and I are in the middle of contest right now about who can write a wedding blog post the fastest. She’s making a graph at the moment so it’ll take probably take a few minutes. But I never want to underestimate her speed in computering so I’m just going to take a picture of Violet writing a blog post and make THAT my blog post.

I believe I’ve just gone meta.

Family Tree

Being engaged has made me think a lot about both Tom’s and my parents. All four of them are wonderful people, and while two of them discovered that marriage wasn’t for them I want all of them to know how grateful Tom and I are. They have been nothing but supportive. Tom’s parents are always there to talk and give us advice even in the late hours of the night. Dad, you’ve always been a good distraction from the craziness of planning a wedding. Mom… um, you’ve been very good about preparing me if things don’t work out. Which is needed, I guess. All good advice.




How Soon Is Too Soon?


I’ve just learned something. Apparently, booking a wedding venue is a very fine science. I knew that you couldn’t just book a hall, and then pop in the next day for the ceremony. You need to give them some notice. Obviously. However, I just read an article about how you shouldn’t book your venue too far in advance either. The reason for this being that you never know if 3 years from now a venue will be under the same management or even still in business. I found this confusing, so I did what I always do to make a concept clearer to myself. I made a graph.

So it seems to me, the ideal time to book a hall is right around the 20 month mark, and once you get to around 36 months, you should basically abandon all hope. Yikes. Being engaged for 3-years. I never want that to happen to Tom and I.

Check out

Winton childs

Shopping For Bridesmaids Dresses

Suzie and I went for some exploratory bridesmaid dress shopping in Haight-Ashbury today and, wow, we had a terrible time. Yes, yes, I hear you shouting at your computer screen right now, “Why were you shopping for bridesmaid dresses in the Haight?” I know, but we were already in the area and we heard about an adorable little dress shop hidden amongst all of the cafes, record stores, and head shops. The shop was lovely, but the proprietor was incredibly pushy and belligerent about the fact that we didn’t have a date picked yet. I guess with no date picked, she wouldn’t know where to fit our dresses into her schedule. She literally used the phrase, “you’re wasting my time” on more than one occasion. She was the worst. I guess it’s true what they say,





(thanks for the picture, Tom)

There are a few wedding superstitions that I had heard before. For example, it’s bad luck for the groom to see bride in her dress before the wedding and the bride is supposed to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for good luck. But, ever since I’ve been engaged, practically everyone I know has been informing me of the virtual cornucopia of nutty wedding rituals that they believe in. Here are a few of the more insane ones:

  • Finding a spider in your wedding dress is considered good luck.
  • If the younger of 2 sisters marries first, the elder sister must dance barefoot at that wedding or she will never marry.
  • A woman can only propose to a man in a leap year or the marriage is doomed to end.
  • It’s bad luck if the bride arrives at the church before the groom.
  • If the groom drops the wedding band during the ceremony, the marriage is doomed.
  • It’s considered bad luck for a bride to see the following things on her wedding day: a pig, a hare, a lizard, an open grave, a monk, or a nun.



Seating Arrangements

My mother came by today so we could all discuss seating arrangements for the wedding. What’s that you say? We haven’t even set a date or picked a venue yet? As I have now learned from my mother, those are secondary details to seating arrangements. I don’t think Violet was particularly in the mood though. This is a conversation we had via text while my mother was drawing up diagrams.

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Off to Sanfransico

Winton Childs


Ladies and gentlemen, Winton Childs! This man will be heading up my team (along with my new cohorts Vaneetha, Ming, and Doug) for the next few years. I have every bit of confidence in him and between my new team and Tom’s wonderful support, I’m beginning to finally feel like this move was a good idea.

A hunting I will go

So, what with Violet being busy psychoanalyzing stuff and chef positions a little hard to come by, I’ve decided to take up a few new hobbies. Thanks to a new friend of mine, I’ve been introduced to the world of hunting. I gotta admit, I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but it’s just, well… pleasant.

Spending the day from dawn till dusk with friends, food and nature. What’s not to like about that? Of course, we’re there to kill things, but that’s only a small percentage of the fun. It’s sort of like tailgating at football games (That’s an assumption. I’ve never actually tailgated, but it sounds apt.)

Check out Wedding traditions origin.

First Day Jitters

As you can see in the photo above, I look a little nervous. Normally I don’t get this nervous on my first day, but I think because I’m in a new town and I don’t know anybody (except Tom, of course) I’m a little worried. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn red on my first day. It seems a little boisterous, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll go change…

Old man tom

Tom is in the tub right now soaking in some Epsom salts. He may be upset that I’m telling you all the reason why, but it’s just too funny not to share. Ready? Here it is.

He was scraping ice off the windshield and he fell on his hip.

He’s upset for two reasons.

  1. He broke the ice-scraper literally minutes after he bought it.
  2. The fact that he hurt his hip makes him feel like an old man.

He could use some words of support. I know he’d appreciate it!


Bride and groom

Violet Barnes

Violet is the daughter of George and Sylvia Barnes. She moved to San Francisco from the UK two years ago. Violet is a post-grad at UC Berkeley and hopes to ultimately receive tenure there.

Tom Solomon

Tom is the son of Pete and Carol Solomon. He is a Bay Area native and the Sous Chef at the upscale eatery, “Birch”. Tom hopes to someday open his own restaurant.