Aaaaaand Goodbye, San Francisco!

So this is it, everybody! This is the big news. Violet and I have moved to Michigan. We are now Michiganians.

Or, maybe it’s Michiganites… or Michiganders. I’m not sure, but this is where we live now. Violet got a great offer from one of the universities up here, and she just had to take it. So, being the supportive fiancé that I am, I packed my bags and here we are!

First thoughts: Michigan is cold. Like, cold. The thermometer says it’s 14 degrees outside. I wore four sweaters today. And I was the whole time. I’ve always looked for a good reason to grow a beard, and I finally think I found one!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve gotta help Violet unpack some more. Stay tuned!

Wedding Tradition Origins

(thanks again to Tom for making me a picture)

It seems that people used to be much more concerned about “evil spirits” than they are today. I say this because after I wrote my last post about wedding superstitions, I started to do a little research about the origins of wedding traditions, and pretty much all of them have to do with evil spirits in one way or another. For example, the wedding veil was originally used to disguise the bride from any malevolent forces. If that wasn’t enough, however, the origin of the bridesmaid was to the same end. The bridesmaid was to dress similarly enough for the bride to work as a decoy for any ill-wishing ghouls. The wedding bouquet, also, was meant as a ghost repellent. However, the original bouquets were made of strong smelling herbs and garlic, so I’m pretty sure that kept most things away (evil spirit or otherwise).

Subject Line Needed

Violet and I are in the middle of the contest right now about who can write a wedding blog post the fastest. She’s making a graph at the moment so it’ll take probably take a few minutes. But I never want to underestimate her speed in computer, so I’m just going to take a picture of Violet writing a blog post and make THAT my blog post.

I believe I’ve just gone meta.

Family Tree

Being engaged has made me think a lot of both Tom’s and my parents. All four of them are wonderful people, and while two of them discovered that marriage wasn’t for them I want all of them to know how grateful Tom and I are. They have been nothing but supportive. Tom’s parents are always there to talk and give us advice even in the late hours of the night. Dad, you’ve always been a good distraction from the craziness of planning a wedding. Mom… um, you’ve been very good about preparing me if things don’t work out. Which is needed, I guess. All good advice.


How Soon Is Too Soon?

I’ve just learned something. Apparently, booking a wedding venue is a very fine science. I knew that you couldn’t just book a hall, and then pop in the next day for the ceremony. You need to give them some notice. Obviously. However, I just read an article about how you shouldn’t book your venue too far in advance either. The reason for this being that you never know if 3 years from now a venue will be under the same management or even still in business. I found this confusing, so I did what I always do to make a concept clearer to myself. I made a graph.

So it seems to me, the ideal time to book a hall is right around the 20 month mark, and once you get to around 36 months, you should basically abandon all hope. Yikes. Being engaged for 3-years. I never want that to happen to Tom and me.

News Reporter
Tom and Violet here! Well, if you’re on this blog then you’ve probably heard the news. We’re getting married! So friends and loved ones, just browse through all our personal information until you know way too much about us, then send us a gift! That’s how this works, right?