Wedding Bands and DJs for your Special Day

One thing that everyone remembers in their wedding is that what was the music on which they danced the whole night.

Not only is a good wedding decoration place needed for a wedding but several other things are also needed which include wedding clothes, wedding rings etc.

One of the most important things that we need for a wedding is best wedding band so that they can play a lovely music on that big day and please everyone’s ears.

Let us now have a look at what are the best wedding bands that will make your wedding a memorable one.

  1. Party on the Moon

Party on the moon is an Atlanta based music group. The unique feature that separates them from the other bands is their nonstop performances.

In Mexico, they provided entertainment at Eli Manning’s wedding. They have a wide variety of songs in their chart-topping lists including Pharrell, Happy and Royals.

You can also make a custom request of a song to be played until the whole night. They’ll learn it and play it for the whole night in their repertoire.

  1. DJ Lindsey

This is also a popular DJ real-life couple – Myles and Lindsey Tipley. Lindsey has worked with Afrika, played at several private events that were hosted by Prince.

dj lindsey

DJ Lindsey songs are very popular that includes PS1 Warmup Parties, Boom Boom Boom etc.

  1. Veronica Martell

veronica martell

Veronica Martell is a 12 people band that has a speciality in Motown. They have also performed at Princess Charlene of Monaco, HRH Prince Albert etc.

  1. Japancakes

This is a huge name in the fashion industry. They have played for Topshop, Rag and Bone parties etc.

He also has a website which contains lots of diversified music that includes breezy tropical tunes so that the couple of the 70s can hit the beachside wedding.

  1. Rubix Kube

They are a six-person group which specializes in several music hits by Talking Heads, Blondie, the Police etc.

  1. Mixtape: A Cover Band For Hipsters

This is quite a self-explanatory music band. They give hits that range from indie hits like the Smiths, Arcade Fire, Joy Division.

  1. Dewdrop Society

They are also a fit for party gang and are going to give your guests one of the best wedding experience.

  1. DJ Cassidy

DJ Cassidy is quite famous and gives music at lots of celebrity’s parties and all including Jay Z, Beyoncé’s, and not to forget the President Obama fiftieth bash too.

You can see him in collaboration with Chromeo, John Legend, Passion Pit. But DJ Cassidy might be expensive to you.

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