Best Wedding Decoration across the world in 2017

In this article, we are going to discuss the Best Wedding Decorations around the world in the year 2017 where you can go to celebrate this big and awesome day with joy.

Let us now see the best wedding decorations in the world:-

  1. Aruba –

The Aruba island is located in the south of the hurricane belt and there’s no danger of tropical storms threatening your wedding day. Aruba stands out as the sixth most visited island for a reason.



Aruba contains sugar strands, a great nightlife because there are tons of casinos etc.

There is a place in Aruba called the city hall where their legal ceremonies of the wedding are going to take place.

A point that you need to note here is that…

These legal ceremonies take place only on selected days of the week which includes Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

After the legal ceremony, you can hold the symbolic function at any place you like.

2.    Belize –

This island is a perfect place for any couple on the planet. There are tons and tons of features present at the belize island which includes a great barrier reed, untamed jaguar territory, 100 offshore islands and much more.

Clearly enough this island fulfils the need of almost any couple present.

You can also visit the Cayo region in order to look at the country’s forest reserve.

At the ambergris cave, there is also a barefoot sandwalk which gives kind of pleasant experience to your foot.


But here there is a condition which you should check carefully before applying for marriage here. A period of three days you have to maintain here before applying for a marriage license.

Apart from this condition you also need to show the passport copies, 105 dollar fee etc.

Florida –

Florida has Miami and Orlando which makes it fall under the top 10 domestic spots that one needs to check in on Facebook.

You can dig your toes into the sugar sands of Siesta Key or do anything else there too.

Here the procedure to get married is very easy. You just need to arrive three days before you are getting married and pay a fee. That’s’ it.

  1. Hawaii –

After Florida this is one of the biggest islands when we talk about wedding ceremonies thing. This is a five-hour flight from Los Angeles.


Hawaii includes tons of awesome features to its wedding couples which includes lava-peeping, stargazing, hiking, restaurant hooping etc.

But here one thing that you need to note is to bring valid ids for getting married.

After you are validly identified, your way to marriage is clear enough and you don’t have to wait then.


4.    The Islands of Tahiti –

This is also one of the greatest islands when we talk about the wedding couples.


Here also there are lots of awesome features favouring the wedding couples that include a glass-bottomed chapel in Bora Bora, a caramaran charter, Tahitian touches, flower garlands, local musicians and much more.