Incorporating Animals in Children Photography

Props make a presentation outstanding that can captivate many viewers with different reactions. In photography, props can add dramatic effects to your subject, making a photo astonishing. But props, no matter how unique or interesting they may seem, without quality, will still leave your photo looking dreary.

There are many ideas on what props to use when doing a photo shoot, particularly those that involve children. One idea that has captured my attention is that of incorporating animals with the subject. This might sound risky or unsafe, but we’re not suggesting the use of wild animals to engage with your children.

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Collaborating with animals is a photographic niche that is incredibly interesting. I’ve listed down different animals that create desirable effects with realistic interaction. Your beloved pet might be a clever and superb subject that brings out your child’s natural need to cuddle and play.

Here is a selection of the cute and cuddly creatures usually selected to accompany children as they play with angles in photo shoots.

  1. Chicks – Tiny bright yellow coloured animals make photo shoots more fun and exciting for little ones, adding a vibrant touch to both indoor and outdoor shots.

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  1. Bunnies – Not only perfect for Easter, bunnies are relatively mild mannered (not to mention cuddly!) animals that are less likely to harm any child. These fluffy creatures can give genuine smiles on your young one’s faces as well.

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  1. Birds – Fearing for the safety of your child is not uncommon, so if you’re looking for a safer option in incorporating pets in taking snapshots of your young, birds are the way for you to go. Keep them in a cage or tied up on a pole, their vibrant colourful feathers will still add excitement to shots. Even take snapshots of your newborn safely.

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  1. Kittens – Cats may be the last thing anyone will think of involving in children’s activities, let alone photography. Some kids may have a natural fondness for these felines, but it is still going to be risky unless the subject has had previous interaction with the animal. Only ever use cats or kittens if it is your pet- one your child knows how to handle. (900×506)

Having enough knowledge about any activity results to a great difference in the outcome. Now that I’ve shared an insight in some of the cuddly and furry creatures that you might consider involving in your next photo shoot, you can focus on finding quality portrait services in Australia to aid you in getting the best shots in creating memories. Remember to create various climbing frames, capture their outdoor play, and use toys or a shirt as a hiding place to create that fun look.


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