Some of the Meaningful & Experimental Wedding Gift Ideas for Kids

In a wedding ceremony, it is obvious that the bride and the groom are getting gifts from the people that are attending the wedding.

Quite often it is seen that there are various kids that are present in the wedding that have a role of page boy or flower girl in the wedding. It is a nice convention that those kids are also gifted with something or the other so that the wedding can be meaningful.

The gift should be such that the kids can appreciate it and they can remember the gift for the lifetime.

In this article we are going to talk about some of meaningful and experimental wedding gift ideas for the kids that seems quite interesting.

Gift Ideas for Kids

You can think of the following gift ideas for kids so that they can be happy. You can engrave a personal message on the bracelet or ring. When your child grows up, that small ring can be put on a chain and worn as a necklace.

This can become the basis of the wedding for the kid.

As an alternative, you can also buy an engraved watch or pocket watch for a little boy.

Personalized Doll

If we talk of kids, then there is hardly any girl child that doesn’t love doll. What you can gift them to make them happy is a personalized doll that is wearing the same or similar dress just as your bride and groom.

In case the material is in plenty as compared to the wedding couple’s dress, you can take them as sample and craft a dress for your doll.

You can place this personalized doll on the child’s chair so that the child can become happy on the wedding day.

This will also become an occasion of remembrance for the child in the future years.

Memory Book

Another gift that you can give to kids in wedding can be a memory book or box of items. In the memory book you can paste several pictures of the kid wearing the beautiful wedding dresses and in the memory box, you can place several items that the kid might remember.

You can also place havaianas flip flops in the box so that the kid can remember after the wedding has taken place.

Gifts for Boys

In case you are gifting to a baby boy, you can gift his favorite toys like cars, aeroplanes or other things like havaianas flip flops.

Havaianas is owned by a Brazilian brand Alpargatus. They were the first to produce flip flops out of rubber at a mass scale.

These were a feminine form of Hawaiians and they were based on the pattern on the soles of the sandals that are designed to resemble the straw soles of zori.


You can also gift toys like novelties or bride and groom rubber duckies to the kids so that they get entertained during the reception and get a lovely reminder for the wedding day throughout their lives.


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