Shopping For Bridesmaids Dresses

Suzie and I went for some exploratory bridesmaid dress shopping in Haight-Ashbury today and, wow, we had a terrible time. Yes, yes, I hear you shouting at your computer screen right now, “Why were you shopping for bridesmaid dresses in the Haight?” I know, but we were already in the area and we heard about an adorable little dress shop hidden amongst all of the cafes, record stores, and head shops. The shop was lovely, but the proprietor was incredibly pushy and belligerent about the fact that we didn’t have a date picked yet. I guess with no date picked, she wouldn’t know where to fit our dresses into her schedule. She literally used the phrase, “you’re wasting my time” on more than one occasion. She was the worst. I guess it’s true what they say,


(thanks for the picture, Tom)

There are a few wedding superstitions that I had heard before. For example, it’s bad luck for the groom to see bride in her dress before the wedding and the bride is supposed to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for good luck. But, ever since I’ve been engaged, practically everyone I know has been informing me of the virtual cornucopia of nutty wedding rituals that they believe in. Here are a few of the more insane ones:

  • Finding a spider in your wedding dress is considered good luck.
  • If the younger of 2 sisters marries first, the elder sister must dance barefoot at that wedding or she will never marry.
  • A woman can only propose to a man in a leap year or the marriage is doomed to end.
  • It’s bad luck if the bride arrives at the church before the groom.
  • If the groom drops the wedding band during the ceremony, the marriage is doomed.
  • It’s considered bad luck for a bride to see the following things on her wedding day: a pig, a hare, a lizard, an open grave, a monk, or a nun.

Seating Arrangements

My mother came by today so we could all discuss seating arrangements for the wedding. What’s that you say? We haven’t even set a date or picked a venue yet? As I have now learned from my mother, those are secondary details to seating arrangements. I don’t think Violet was particularly in the mood though. This is a conversation we had via text while my mother was drawing up diagrams.

News Reporter
Tom and Violet here! Well, if you’re on this blog then you’ve probably heard the news. We’re getting married! So friends and loved ones, just browse through all our personal information until you know way too much about us, then send us a gift! That’s how this works, right?