Send Your Wedding Cards To Your Loved Ones Through Post Offices

In a wedding, there are tons of tasks that need to be done at the right moment. Shipping Post Office Cards is equally important as every other task.

Frankly speaking, after you have selected your desired design that you want onto your card, your work has just started yet.

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Now a task is left where you need to ship your wedding card by placing the card in an envelope, post stamps and then send it to your destination by visiting the post office.

To be precise, it requires a series of tasks that need to be done so that your wedding card can reach its destination.

Let us have a look at each task step by step.

Assemble Your Invitations

The first task that you need to perform carefully is to address the envelopes with the details like putting the address at the bottom and then posting the enclosures on the top in order of largest to smallest.

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Now you need to note here is that you should place everything in the inner envelope so that your text is facing outward.

In this way, guests can easily read the invitation as soon as they open the envelope.

Stamp the RSVP Envelope

Okay, so you are placing a rsvp envelope inside the envelope. Here as a king gesture you should place stamp tickets on the rsvp envelope so that they don’t have the need to pay for postage stamps.

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You can do this by pre-stamping the rsvp envelope and ensuring your guests don’t get the need to stamp the envelopes.

Weigh a Complete Invitation

This step is a tedious one but this is highly important for your wedding invitation to be successfully delivered to your destination. What needs to be done here is that you should weigh your complete wedding invitation and then post the stamps on the envelope accordingly.

Whatever is present on the postage – maps, reception cards, type of paper, you need to take into account everything. After that calculate the stamps that should be present on it so that in no case the stamps fall less and your package is delivered in every situation.

Have your wedding invitations Hand Processed or Hand Cancelled

Generally, machines that are present at the mail centers process envelopes that are of desired shapes and sizes – rectangles that have minimum 3.5 by 5 inches to a maximum of 6.125 by 11.5 inches.

But in case your envelope is not in the desired shape by the machine say your envelope is a square, you will end up giving a 20 cent non machinable fee per envelope.

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You should note here that :-

Even if your package doesn’t meet the criteria, you should consider paying some extra fees to have the parcels hand processed.

With Hand Processed feature, you will be able to check that your envelopes are not in a bend or soil format.

Another thing that you can look forward to is hand-canceling. With this, you can ensure that when your mail is processed, it turn out in hand canceled state.

Put a stamp on the envelope

This one is also very important step in sending the invitation to the envelope.

Here you need to fix the stamp on the envelope. You can also choose a custom designed stamp so that you can make the wedding invitation look special.

Mail them

Now its time to mail the invitation by sending it through officers that are selected by post office recruitment.

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