Wedding Bliss: Low Cost and Time Effective Preparations for Your Wedding

Finally, you’re about to walk down the aisle in your gorgeous wedding dress while everyone is waiting for you with delight and excitement. Everything is perfect the way you’ve planned it, except for the budget. 

Before you can declare “Just Got Married”, everyone knows that you’ve been through a lot. Planning for a wedding is never easy and can be nerve racking. Everything must be well planned and on time for you to exhibit that wedding dreams of yours; from the scenic venue, the extravagant catering to premium invitation letters. Sounds lavish?  

Yes. But we’re not saying that you can “knot” have that dream wedding of yours even on a tight budget. No need to wait for longer months just for planning and saving for the big day. We’ll help you create that once in a lifetime moment and turn your budget wedding into a fancy-looking espousal.  

No one’s stopping you from wanting that dream wedding, though. Get to know more about budgeting and maximize your funds with help from the top money lender Singapore has. 

Your preparation starts now! 

Establish a Fund 

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Your budget will determine how far you can go in deciding and planning your wedding. It’s very important to set a fixed amount and stick with it. If you’re splitting the check with your fiancé, discuss it and come up with a great deal. Or if a family is willing to shell out some amount, ask what they are willing to spend for. Finally, if you think you’re capable of sponsoring your own wedding, make sure you’re financially ready. 

Having a hard time saving? Better Money Habits offers eight simple ways to save money with saving tips so you can start building your dream. 

The Venue 

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Stick to one. Choose one venue that reflects your personalities. Don’t be afraid to explore and be creative with your ideas. Try making your backyard, the open fields, or parks for your wedding venues. Book a restaurant or art galleries for that big day where the ceremony and reception can be held in one place. These uncommon venues are usually budget-friendly compared to well-known wedding venues. Easy Weddings features the most unique wedding venues in Australia here. 

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Exchange I Do’s in an Off-Season wedding 

We know that summer is the perfect season to tie the knot; however, we suggest holding your wedding on an off-season, like somewhere between November and January. You can even ask for a great deal of discounts if you pay in full. Just be prepared with those pitches and throw in your best negotiation skills; you’ll be surprised how much you can save.  

Guest’ whoQuality over Quantity 

Shorten your guest list as much as possible. Invite only your immediate families and closest friends for a more private set up, or if you or your partner is Mr./Ms. Congeniality, decide on how many additional guests your budget can allow. Keeping your guest list this way will allow for a generous reception and can accommodate an after party if need be. 

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Look for all-in-one package deals 

There are many freelance photographers you can hire to take all your photos and videos. But if you can find a one-stop-shop that offers complete wedding service packages from invitations to videography, then go for it. It may cost a little extra, but then again, you can make adjustments within your budget. After all, memories are treasures.  

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Get more ideas from the Peachy Keen Planners as they offer great deals to suit your needs for your big day. Package prices start at $950. 

Don’t let your budget hinder you from celebrating a once in a life time event. Just be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new.  


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