Wedding Date Announcement for BatMan and CatWoman by DC Comics

The fans of both BatMan and CatWoman are wondering about when is the wedding of these two going to take place. They have been keen to know the marriage date. Since the last year CatWoman has accepted Batman’s marriage proposal.

But they need to overcome some issues before they can walk down the aisle.

The countdown to this wedding day will begin in DC Nation #0.

Introduction to Cat Grooming

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Cats are nice animals. In case you are a cat owner, then you already know how good it is to get to get a fastidious groomer.

Usually the cat spends the whole of the life either sleeping or grooming.

Now here you should note that grooming not only refers to making your cat look good, but it also helps to enhance the health levels of your car too.

Grooming the cat also helps to reduce the health problems too and enhances the health status.


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In case you own the cat, then you must be aware that you should not groom your cat all of a sudden. This will not be a perfect fit for any of you – both your cat and you.

Instead what you should do is make your cat used to the process of grooming slowly.

What you can do is after eating, start to give 5 to 10 minutes of cat grooming to your cat. Praise the cat. If the cat is happy, it is a positive signal.

On the other hand, if the cat is not happy, then you can stop for the time being and resume the cat grooming later.

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As time passes by, the cat gets used to with the process of grooming.


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In case you are doing regular brushing, it will help in dead hair and dirt. At the same time it also removes and prevents mats and tangles.

If you don’t do it in the right way then it can lead to problems on your hands too.

One thing that you would like to note here is that you need to brush in the direction of the hair and never brush opposite to the hair.

Also note that you need to take extra care while brushing around the belly and chest.

In case of shorthaired cats, you need to start with a fine-toothed metal comb.

In order to remove the loose hair, you can use a bristle or soft rubber brush.

If you want to groom the longhaired cats, you need to start the grooming process with a wide toothed comb so that you can remove the debris that is present at the cat’s coat.

After that you need to use a wire brush or a bristle brush so that you can remove the loose hair.

In case of short haired cats, you can brush twice a week. But in case of longhaired cats, you require brushing every day.


You need to get your cat’s claws trimmed. The process is not that difficult if your approach is right.

Train your cat and massage the feet regularly.

You need to do this by running your hand along the leg and then pressing very gently with your thumb on the pad of each toe so that the claws extend.

After some time has passed say two weeks, the cat will likely become accustomed with the foot massage.


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